An E-2 visa is a non-immigrant, temporary US visa that requires applicants to invest either in an existing business in the United States or to start a new business. To qualify, an applicant must be a citizen of a country that the US has an active trade treaty with the United States.

E-2 visas are available for the initial investor in the United States, as well as any executive, managerial or essential workers with the same citizenship as the enterprise in the United States.

There are many benefits to the E2 visa. As a holder, you are allowed to travel in and out of the US without restriction. You can bring your spouse and dependent children up to the age of 21, and your spouse may also work while in the US.

The E2 visa application process requires significant upfront investment in the business in question, as well as substantial supporting documentation.

Given the financial risk of an E2 visa application, and the complexity of the application process, it is important to seek legal advice early on the options open to you for your specific circumstances, to avoid delays and errors, and to ensure your case is effectively represented to the US Government.

If you are already an E1 visa holder, it will be comparatively easier to get an E2 visa. In that case, you can contact an E1 visa lawyer in Seattle who can guide you through the process. Similarly, you can contact lawyers from specific regions based on where you wish to operate. The E2 visa requirements vary based on specific criteria. One of the most basic requirements is being a citizen of a country with a treaty of navigation and commerce with the US. The applicant also needs to be an active investor in the process of investment. The higher the investment, the higher are the chances of qualification. There are also specific employment visas for the US. The list includes the L-1, E-1, or O-1. The most sought-after employment visas are the H1B and the E3. If you are based in Australia, you will need to apply for an E3 visa to work in the United States. You can also get in touch with an E3 visa lawyer for a smoother application experience. Our attorney will not leave a single stone unturned to provide extended legal help for your visa-related matter. Book your first consultation and discuss your concerns today!

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