What is an EB4 Visa?

The EB4 visa is an employment-based green card for certain categories of foreign nationals regarded as “special immigrants”.

This visa allows successful applicants to travel, live, work, and study in the United States. They can also apply for citizenship by naturalization after 5 years of living in the U.S. as a green card holder.

Some visa candidates may also sponsor their dependent family members, including spouses and children, to join them in America.

Who is eligible for the EB4 visa?

The EB4 visa is meant for immigrants who are members of a non-profit religious denomination in the United States. The application is open to several categories of people, including:

  • Religious workers that have worked for least 2 years in a recognized non-profit religious organization in the United States.
  • Unmarried juveniles currently living in the United States depend on the juvenile court due to neglect, abandonment, or above. These juveniles must be under the age of 21
  • Foreign journalists who are coming to work for the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM).
  • Retired G-4 international officers or NATO-6 civilian employees and their families
  • Foreign-based US federal employees and their families
  • Employees of the Panama Canal Company or the Panama Canal Zone
  • Certain licensed physicians and medics in the United States as of January 9th, 1978
  • Iraqi or Afghan translators or interpreters for the U.S. military
  • Iraqis who worked for the U.S. government for at least one year and who are under serious threats
  • Afghans who worked for the U.S. or the ISAF (ISAF)