Holding a Green Card in hand indicates that the individual now treated as the permanent resident of the country and also granted with the alien immigration benefits that include authorization to live and work in the United States. It is important to note that the card holder must meet certain conditions and file timely green card renewals in order to continue his or her permanent residency status. The procedure to obtain a green card is thought to be extremely complex and requires the legal assistance of a Green card immigration lawyer to combat all the legal requirements within the rules of US immigration law.

The immigration specialist lawyers in Cimalaw Group could prove to be reliable companions on your Green Card processing journey. With the assistance of a green card immigration lawyer, you can be guided with all the legal process essential during the immigration process. With a green card application (in the process), you can obtain two temporary permits (Employment Authorization Document for legal work in the USA and another permit to travel and re-enter the country). This is a mandatory requirement for non-citizens who want to work and live in the USA. However, the application process can be tedious and it is important for you to be sure that you are eligible for a green card before filing the required application.  Thus, if you are dreaming to recognized as a citizen of the United States, an experienced Green card immigration lawyer can give make this dream truly possible.